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Company Overview

Taiton Resources Limited (ASX:T88) is an early-stage mineral exploration and development company that has a Shallow Mineral System within the Olympic Dam Mineralising Event.

Our dominant land holding at the Highway Project will allow us to potentially uncover the Next Elephant Deposit in Australia.

The Company is an early-stage mineral exploration focussed on discovering large scale mineral deposits in South Australia and Western Australia.

The Company has assembled a portfolio of projects across both South Australia and Western Australia.

On Admission, the Company's projects will comprise the following:

(a) Highway Project, located in South Australia,
(b) Lake Barlee Project, located in Western Australia; and
(c) Challenger West Project, located in South Australia;

The projects have a range of exploration activities planned.  The company will be undergoing a series of grassroots exploration and also several walk-up drilling targets.


While the Company has developed and designed programs to undertake exploration activities on each of the Projects, it will also pursue and assess other new business opportunities in the resources sector over time which complement its business.

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