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The Prospectus for Taiton Resources Limited (ASX:T88) is now available for download

Taiton's series of projects is taking the company closer to elephant country.

Please note that the Closing Date for acceptances as referred to in the Prospectus has been extended to 5 pm (WST), Friday 11 November 2022

Taiton goes IPO to look for mineralising systems. That's where the metals will be. It's what people call looking for 'elephants'. The company's strategy is to focus on uncovering Mineral Systems which have proven mineralisation.

This innovative approach has allowed Taiton to have a First Mover Advantage in securing the Highway Project in South Australia. Their dominant land holding at the Highway Project will allow them to potentially uncover the Next Elephant Deposit in Australia.

In the mining industry, the term 'elephants' refers to super large sized deposits. They exist across the planet, and for mining companies, this is their Holy Grail.

Taiton's Projects

Our current projects include the Highway and Challenger West projects in South Australia, and the Lake Barlee Gold project in Western Australia.

Taiton acquired a total of 2,930 km2 of granted tenements in South Australia, focussing on the Highway project. The Highway project has potential for polymetallic mineralisation in an environment rich with hydrochemical activities.

The concept of finding the cooking pot first (The Mineral System) will give the company a greater chance of discovery. Work completed prior to the IPO has identified prospective targets which will be priority targets at the conclusion of the fund raising process.

In addition, the company has completed zircon age dating of basement rocks and are able now to show that historical drilling could have been sourcing the same chemistry as those feeding the mega mineral deposits of Olympic Dam, Carapateena and Prominant HIll (See Figure 1).

Taiton Highway Project

Figure 1: The location of zircon age dating samples. The results indicate that the area where the Highway Project (Red) is located may be part of the Olympic IOCG Belt (Green), in terms of mineral prospectivity.

Highway Interest points:

  • Tapping the same source as The Olympic Dam Domain.

  • Historical exploration indicates a Strong Mineralizing System in place.

  • Porphyry and IOCG systems may be present.

  • Shallow cover ( less than 50m) allowing cheap exploration.

  • Polymetallic Mineralisation.

  • CSIRO and historical data show a strong hydrothermal system present.

  • Potential for Ionic REE clays.

Taiton Highway Project

Figure 2: Historical activities and the location of a zircon date sample at the core of the Highway Project.

The Lake Barlee Gold Project is approximately 668 sq km of exploration tenements in WA with gold prospectivity, comprising 4 granted tenements (E77/2700, E57/1158, E77/2715 and E57/1168).

Taiton Lake Barlee Gold Project

Image above shows locality of Western Australian Project, showing nearest access roads, tracks, and settlements. The remote tenements predominantly overlie a large playa lake of saline sediments.

Lake Barlee interest points:

  • A Salt Lake story with ready to drill targets.

  • 668 sqkm of tenements.

  • Drill targets are vectored by deep seated structure with hidden demagnetised Greenstone Belt 624 sqkm

The Challenger West Gold Project is located near the Challenger Gold Mine. The Challenger Gold mine produced 1.2M ounces of gold during its time in production. Mineral exploration around the gold mine has been sparse. Recent exploration activity in the area has shown that there is a large potential for more discoveries.

The Challenger West project has several points of interests:

  • Located in a prospective area with little historical exploration.

  • Adjacent to the Challenger Gold mine with a historical production of 1.2M ounces of Au.

  • Tenure of 997 sqkm with good historical indicators of mineralisation

  • Presence of addition gold occurrences and mines along a gravity high boundary and a mirrored gravity ridge to the west, attesting to the high prospectivity of the ground

  • Presence of abundant supergene gold opportunities

Taiton Challenger West Project

The above images show a lack of exploration activities in and around the Challenger Gold Mine

Keeping with the times

Our exploration is looking at future proof commodities. We have to constantly stay up-to-date with how the world is changing. Now we are seeing a change in the focus on base metals for example. As the No Emission movement continues to grow and consolidate, we have to keep up with this New World Growth phenomenon.

Taiton has a fully underwritten IPO of AUD 7M with projects that will be explored to prove New Concepts and Discovery of Tier 1 deposits.

We want to focus on world-class large conceptual targets. There are undiscovered elephants waiting to be unearthed, so there is much work to be done.

Taiton's news are being brought around the world

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About Taiton Resources Limited

Taiton Resources Limited (ASX:T88) is an early-stage mineral exploration and development company that has a Shallow Mineral System within the Olympic Dam Mineralising Event.

Our dominant land holding at the Highway Project will allow us to potentially uncover the Next Elephant Deposit in Australia.

ABN 41 062 284 084 ACN 062 284 084


t: +61 3 8648 6431

f: +61 3 8648 6480

REGISTERED OFFICE: Level 13, 200 Queen St, Melbourne, VIC 3000


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