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Replay of IPO webinar

Priority offer to shareholders and Taiton's approach to discovering the next Olympic Dam IOCG deposit

Taiton Prospectus closing date has been extended to 16 November 2022. Taiton is looking for Spread to complete the IPO. The Spread is a minimum investment of AUD$2,000 for 10,000 shares ($0.20 per share) which will give us the shareholder spread that is a requirement for listing on the ASX. We have had to extend the application as we are short of about 150 shareholders to make the minimum requirement of 300. The IPO is fully underwritten. Here is a replay of the webinar where Noel Ong, Managing Director of Taiton talks about their flagship HighwayProject which shares the same source rocks as the OlympicDam. Noel explains what the hydrogeochemical water bore analyses undertaken by CSIRO show. What the shallow ground cover means in exploration and mining investment. So jump on to the webinar for a Mineral System Approach to discover the next Olympic Dam IOCG deposit with Taiton Resources Limited.

There have been numerous editorials written on Taiton. Here is a list of these articles and videos,

This is a podcast that Noel had completed with Barry Fitzgerald.

After looking through the Prospectus, you can click on this link for the application form - The same application form is found at the back of the Prospectus.

As always, there are risks in all investments, especially of this nature. This is covered in the Prospectus. Before making any investment, we strongly advise you to read the Prospectus carefully and if you deem fit, seek advice from a reputable financial institution that is qualified to comment. The information in the Prospectus is not investment or financial product advice.

What we are searching for, is your continued support and the opportunity to share the coming exploration activities and take everyone on a journey that may turn out to be a discovery in a new mineral system where all eyes will be focused on our exploration.

This is a great opportunity to be part of the driver's seat as shareholders of a company that is looking to discover and make a difference. We are looking to leave a legacy and seek to make a difference in the new electrification energy world.

Please make sure you read through the Prospectus and do the research you require by whatever means that you deem appropriate. I can only encourage you and make myself available for any questions that you may have.

Listen to the replay of the webinar here

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


About Taiton Resources Limited

Taiton Resources Limited is a mineral exploration company focussed on projects in Western Australia and South Australia.

ABN 41 062 284 084 ACN 062 284 084


t: +61 3 8648 6431

f: +61 3 8648 6480

REGISTERED OFFICE: Level 13, 200 Queen St, Melbourne, VIC 3000


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